Tariro Capital provides advice to unlisted funds (such as venture capital and private equity funds) and Investment Holding Companies on the financial, operational, commercial, and valuation feasibility of proposed investments. We offer a cost-effective solution to investors with limited internal capacity to evaluate the pipeline of their prospective investee companies. Some of our essential services include, amongst others, the following:


        • Assessing the financial viability of investment through either light financial analysis or full scale financial due diligence.
        • Provide an independent valuation analysis that provides objective valuation ranges using formal valuation methodologies.
        • Review the business model viability of investee company utilizing techniques such as Porter 5 forces principles.
        • The use of scenario analysis to assess the impact of operating decisions on the return of an investment.
        • Determine the feasibility and potential value creation plans through commercial due diligence.
        • Review of financing and other commercial agreements.
        • Additional ad hoc services such as forecasting, financial modeling, management accounts or annual financial statements re-construction, and other services that may be required by a client.


The purpose of this service offering is to provide ongoing monitoring of the investee company’s performance to facilitate an independent assessment of whether the investee company is adhering to the value creation plan identified in the investment proposal. As part of our service, we provide continued interventions and support to the fund manager, including (amongst others) the following:


        • Development of monthly performance reports against performance measures set by the fund manager.
        • Identifying early warning signs and developing possible mitigation strategies.
        • Identifying resources or specialists to address strategic level needs and carry through to successful engagement.
        • Ad hoc services such as the creation of monthly management accounts.


Tariro Capital specialises in creating IFRS and IPEV compliant independent valuation reports that provide the framework for delivering fair value estimations, that are useful to Limited Partners and General Partners decision making process. Our valuation reports are transparent, credible, and concisely set out the reasons for our conclusions. Some of the uses for our valuation reports include, amongst others, the following:


        • Providing valuations for accounting and reporting purposes (including valuations required under IFRS).
        • Valuing private equity and unlisted investments for financial reporting and pricing purposes.
        • Providing valuations to assist in resolving commercial disputes.
        • Determining the fair value price consideration for a seller to accept or a buyer to pay when purchasing a business or other asset.